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Get up at 5 o'clock on the road at 6 and arrive at Kempton in good time to set up the stand and prepare for the onslaught of the public which never happens because they go around the auto jumble first!  We have a good selection of classic machines which included the following;

Dave Tickner's 1948 BSA A10 resplendent in Candy red

Trevor Dawkins 1960 Triumph Tiger 110 restored by its owner and presented in black & white (or cream)

Don Tandy's 1938 350cc Ariel Red Hunter in original condition

Bob Jenkins ever so shiny BSA A10 Street Scrambler.

Richard Bennett's lightweight Norton Navigator in stripped down trim.

Mick Gant's military B40 hot from the Friday run

As always we get a good few enquiries, memories and questions from the punters and it shows the Club in good light, especially when we know the answers! Our stand was a bit more impressive than usual but not good enough to win a rosette, although as winning bikes include a racing MV Augusta and a Moto Rumi scooter we clearly have to up our game?

The pictures below include Richard and Mick waiting to start up their machines as requested by the organisers. Thanks as always to those who made the effort to support us.


As appears to be the case this year the numbers of machines being shown was down but the public numbers were very much on the up. Although the Club was not formally represented and I was continually asked why not, there were  many from the Club present . Rather than pictures of the usual suspects I thought the following machines were of interest and maybe? you might be able to identify the riders?

Pete B's latest acquisition, rebuilt motor and currently being run in.                                       Keith (Hairy)'s Norman Nippy still performing more than adequately.

A few pictures from Peter Baker showing the popular bikes currently 'in vogue' in Cuba after his annual holiday there.


Slim pickings for Club members showing bikes at this early Show a shame really because it was a pleasant ride up to and back from the West of England Showground.

However Patrick and Nick turned out whilst Brian joined his colleagues at the Francis Barnet stand and Keith (the younger) had his machine on the Jampot resplendent class winning stand.

Apologies to Nick as his Triumph is hidden behind the Beezer.


This annual event has been a long standing fixture on the motorcycling calendar but this year's event was under threat until the last minute due entirely to the inclement weather condition. Whilst the event did eventually go ahead competitors signed on at the usual starting place at Epsom but then trailered their machines to Pease pottage for the run down to Brighton. Numbers were inevitably down on previous years and starting these old machines in the Pease Pottage carpark surrounded by lorries and other vehicles brought its own problems. The roads were snow free and well salted making the ride somewhat soggy but enabling the riders to complete their journey without major mishap.


As a result of the recent inclement weather Geoff (Baker) decided to while away his time composing quiz questions. Now this no mean feat when you remind yourself of the target audience you are seeking to entertain. So no technical questions on motorcycles and a complete absence of anything even vaguely referring to sport. Let's see so that leaves general knowledge, history, geography, TV, music and films.....and Geoff covered the lot and more. All though there were several highly intelligent ladies present the questions were pitched somewhat lower so that no males were embarrassed. With spot prizes, an individual's round with money on offer the competition was highly charged with Alan (T) and Mick (G) being financially rewarded for their efforts. The Tickner clan's raffle efforts were well supported with a range of quality prizes to be won.

However the stars of the show and the overall winners were Trevor's Terrors (I'm not sure that was their real team title...sorry) and  as you can see below they revelled in their success
A very respectable turnout for this years Remembrance Run with attendees gathering once again at the Castle in Bramber for a cup of coffee before taking the two minutes silence at 11.00. Keith Fryer took on the role of Master of Ceremonies and ensured that the usual procedure continued to be carried as in previous years. A great variety of machinery and with no rain forecast even some of the Harleys were out.  Different route down to Shoreham Airport this year where we attend the short service in the bitterly cold wind. A rapid departure was the order of the day as folk headed off to warmer destinations.

John Grew kindly provided the pictures a selection of which are below.


The 40th running of the Autumn Historic Transport Gathering was very well supported with a total of 294 exhibitors entered in the programme and as the weather promised no precipitation I believe most turned up on the day. No free cups of tea/coffee this year, times are hard, but most of the various workshops workshops were up and running so plenty to see. With the bulk of the entry being cars there was a tremendous variety and some superbly restored examples from Austin Seven to Rolls Royce and just about everything in between.

If you kept your eyes open you could find a smattering of Club members around and below I hope you will find pictures of most of their machines, you can always try to match up bikes to members as it shouldn’t be too difficult.


The 33rd Ace Café Brighton Burn-up was held 10th September 2017, Madeira Drive, Brighton, and this year there was a far stronger turnout of OC clubs and manufacturers. It was a surprisingly cold start at 8c on the day when trying to get there by 8.00am to set up, and thanks again to DonT for bringing in the gazebo, banners etc for the day and 2 of his Bantams for the stand in his van. Thanks also to everyone else who rode their bikes in for the display and to others who supported the event by visiting during the day. The biker turnout for the show was clearly down on prior years because of the threat of rain, but nonetheless it is reported that a respectable 25,000+ bikers parked up or passed though the event on the day. We only in fact had a light shower, but the wind got up a fair bit in the afternoon and many a display stand and gazebo needed extra lashings to keep from flying down the Drive and away across the Channel.

Biker Bear reporting


Once again those Club stalwarts Don, Bob and Bernie do it again with the SBMOC set up the only motorcycle stand in the Show and looking as professional as any other exhibitor. Tea, coffee, cakes and sweets provided by the above folk ensured those exhibiting could enjoy a cuppa after their journey and before taking in all there was to see. Although the Club had a wide variety of bikes (not just Triumphs) the machines that get the most attention seem to be the smallest, in this case the Raleigh Wisp, Corgi and a variety of Bantams. The Club static display provoked plenty of questions from the spectators and cameras and 'phones were much in evidence and it was good to see Roy Robinson still thundering up the runway on his Egli Vincent. The sight of Des Lindsey on his Formula 1 Yahama outfit must have brought back memories for George after his trip around the Goodwood circuit on that outfit.

I must admit I had feared that there might be drop in the flying display after the Shoreham tragedy but that proved not to be the case, from Pitts special to the Red Arrows the display was comprehensive with the Typhoon setting deaf aids whistling and car alarms into action. Far too much more to cover in a short report but please put this show in your diary for 2018 as it is £15 very well spent.


AJS & Matchless take the 2017 IWKR by storm……..well almost

A Report from Keith (the Younger) on The 33rd International West Kent Rally 4th to 6th August 2017, The Friars, Aylesford, Kent

This is an annual VMCC event held at The Friars in Aylesford, a beautiful commercially functioning Priory founded in 1242 or 1251 depending on which official sign you found. There were a lot of people and in vans but I chose to stay in the Friar accommodation which was likely similarly built 13thC and comprised a bed, a wash basin and, fortunately, a power socket for the mobile. The other facilities were out, down and across a courtyard. Not so good after a few beers in the evening.

362 bikes were registered for the rally proper on the Saturday. The oldest was a 1897 Leon Bollee Voiturette 620cc and the youngest a 1991 Ural IMZ 650cc. Only bikes registered and ridden in the actual rally were eligible for awards which makes a change from bikes with unworn pimples on their tyres. Mine was in the 1960 class and ridden 90 miles to the event. Eventers started to arrive Thursday afternoon and there was a social ride that evening but after all those miles to get there the local bitter and lamb shanks for me was more appealing. On the Friday there was a full 2nd man drop-off run for lunch and back of maybe 50 or so miles involving probably 250 machines. Weather was good. The Saturday was the rally proper with most if not all registered bikes on a sign posted route with some marshalling at the more potentially hazardous junctions over either a short (70 miles) or long (100 miles) route but without notice the local council decided to dig up some of the roads which reduced the long route to 95 miles except for those riders needing Specsavers who missed a turn or two and made up the difference retracing the route. A couple of heavy downpours but cleared up nicely in the afternoon. Sunday was a full display show, club stands, auto-jumble with many familiar faces and a bike gymkhana and the day was scorching hot such is the fickle British weather. In addition to the 700 or so riders and support teams/families, on the day an estimated 2,000-2,500 further day bikers and 4 wheelers arrived and 5,000 or so more people came through the gate and all proceeds of day going to the ‘Headway’ West Kent charity. Returning now to the title of this piece. Of the 362 registered rally bikes 12% of the total were of the AJS & Matchless marque and which took 30% of the total show bike awards. The best club stand went to the historic sushi bikers OC.

A damn good weekend. A damn good show and event. Well done to VMCC.

Keith (The Younger)


Wick Village Fete

Some interesting bikes at this event, two Guzzis in military form and combat colours and a Bianchi allegedly developed for amphibious work?

SADCASE (Storrington & District etc)

The second year for this large show which is free to enter and you can leave when you wish. Every car your can imagine from Austin 7s to Aston Martin. Just a few bikes unfortunately but you can't have everything and it gave Keith (Hairy) an opportunity to take family members in his Minor.

One to watch for next year.



The sixth year since this revived Show restarted and at last the sun shone which brought out the public in good numbers. As alway our Club members and those of the Bantam Club made up most of the two wheeled attendees. Every one of our bikes was ridden in and support levels were most acceptable with Mick's big Indian the star attraction on the days. Plenty of vehicles to look at, a pretty decent band and the the joys of Formula 1 on the big screen. Lots of interest in our bikes although most just wanted to rake pictures.

Thanks to the team who erected the gazebo and to the team who took it down. As the last to leave I had a little trouble starting the A10 before finding that turning the petrol on cured the problem.

This Club will be remembered by most for their efforts in running the Old Fossils Run (previously the Gales Brewery Run) but on this occasions put on a quality static classic bike display with a view of covering of the Club's history from the 1920's to date. They had brought together an impressive display of machines and were supported by several Club around the perimeter of the hall. We didn't have a lot of interest from Club members but, Bernie, Don and myself represented SBMOC with a quarter of BSAs and Tony Nussle popped in to see us. A bacon roll to set you up, copious amounts of coffee to keep you going and an ice cream were all complimented by the opportunity to talk bikes with many like minded folk.


The inaugural Bikefest South event proved to be a success with an attendance of 7500 and blessed with decent weather. The Club was well represented by thirteen classic machines and their riders, the machines going from a 98cc two stroke the the larger four stroke twins all of which provoked a good level of interest. Steve (he of hog roast fame) very kindly provided breakfast and lunch for our exhibitors free of charge. Dave, Bernie and Don took advantage of a spin on an electric scooter whilst other preferred to remain at our display which was situated next to Motogirl who were selling decent quality wear for the ladies with a lot of trying on and looking at themselves in the large mirror. It was far from perfect as a show with a limited amount of attractions but as a first attempt it was fine and it is to be hoped that it will continue next year.

PS Dave got into trouble riding the scooter in shorts!


For the Classic Bike Show we had a stand and were permitted just five bikes, so we decided to be a little different by basing our stand on 'specials',

We had Mick's Norton Dominator on the basis that just about all Tritons use the Norton featherbed frame similar to that on the Dommie. Steve brought his Morgo 800cc Triton and the ex Trevor Triton and Trevor brought his latest project in 'almost complete' condition. The line up was then complimented by Bob's Street Scrambler A10 and he brought his professional cleaning equipment so that our display was nice and shiny.

Don brought all the essentials for the stand, kettle, tea bags, coffee milk and enough cups to ensure none had to be washed up and of course the Club flags. We didn't win any prizes either for our stand which this year boasted technology in the form of a monitor showing Club bikes, members and exploits or for our excellent machines. However we had the happiest stand in the show! 

A really nice line up of bikes, sorry about the array of old fa... in the background, whilst Sean still free from the clutches of Mr Nasty looks on.


Richard's winter time project of Bantam + sidecar + trailer made its' first appearance and created a lot of interest.

Pete provides the smile and Malc the hair and several chins.                              Keith introduces his family to the joys of motorcycling.

Don't worry we've got the Japs surrounded.                                                                             New member Mike Penny's very tidy Barracudor.

Pete and Dud (where have I heard that before?) compare Talisman notes.       Roy puts on his happy face or is it painful sitting in that position?


I was rather hoping we might see a little more support for this event in 2017.  Just four members providing bikes for the display with Steve very kindly lugging the flags up to the show and providing two bikes, Brian had his Francis Barnett Cruiser, Roy his immaculate Bantam and Patrick his newly rebuilt BSA B50. The occasion was used to distribute the last of the Engineerium flyers and provided an opportunity to explain to those who were interested what was available this year. The day went all too quickly with just about enough time to get around the various stalls and the car park which always has an interesting range of bikes. Dave Degens tested a few deaf aids when firing up his Matchless G45 which brought back a few memories of past racing.

We didn't manage to gain any awards so borrowed one from the 'Jampot' club whose face you might recognise and who cunningly covered his 'Jampot' badge. A few minutes assisting Steve with packing up and then off to enjoy a pleasant ride home in the sun, Patrick, known for his generosity left some oil for others to share.


After Mick Gant's unfortunate accident our numbers were reduced to twenty eight fine folk who enjoyed each others company along with a pleasant meal and the occasional beverage. I trust what the photos lack in quality is balanced by the evidence of those pictured giving a passable impression of enjoying themselves.


The day dawned with the rain thrashing down and looking to be a miserable one.    However ye of little faith, as we trundled down the 27 the skies cleared, the roads dried and eventually the sun came out. The breakfast stop at Nunney Catch showed that there would be at least a dozen Club members attending the Show, that is if they could still walk after a substantial breakfast. Derek and George however breakfasted at Wetherspoons in Salisbury......Derek prefers an upmarket start to the day with his eggs benedict.

lengthy queue to get in but once inside the Show was up to its usual high standard and pleasing to see just how many Classic Bike Club are still in good health in the west country. It is a little far for our Club to have a stand but as ever the Bantam Boys were present and in good spirits. The major problem I found was there was so much to see and so many people to speak to the day sped past really quickly.

Derek. the other 'noisy' one, had his turbo twin Royal Enfield on the Enfield Owners Club and with Tracy's Flying Flea occupying a prominent position.


                                           REMEMBRANCE DAY - 2016

The Club had a good turnout of members for the Remembrance Day service although overall numbers did seem to be down on previous year when we gathered in the car park at the Castle Inn Bramber. A decent cup of coffee and the purchase of raffle tickets before observing the minutes silence at 11.00am and then down to Shoreham Airfield. A different route on this occasion to have a drive past long time organiser Evelyn’s house as she had recently passed away.

After a short service and the laying of a wreath we all adjourned to the airfield dining facilities to enjoy yet more coffee and good company. Thanks to all the Club members who were able to attend.



               Friday run to The Bluebell Railway  8/7/2016

When I said that it would take about an hour to get there I was told in no uncertain terms that I was wrong. The doubters were right, it took 59 minuets’ and that included two catch up stops and a set of road works. Nugh nugh nugh!

So for the princely sum of £3 the 21 of use were let in just missing the 11.00 train pulling out. Bother.

So it is coffee and donut first and then a look around the engine shed. I have been there before but it is always a bit of a surprise when you read the boards and see the dates that the trains were built and of course they were designed well before that. And we think that we are so clever now?

In the shed there is a good cross section of old engines, not so old, in reasonable condition and other wise. All very interesting.

Then it was up and over the bridge and into the museum. Since I was last there it has been somewhat enlarged and some very interesting stuff it has to.

So it was back over the bridge and just before heading for the car park, a very nice man invited some of us into the signal box on the platform to show us its workings. And when that light comes on said the man, and that bell goes ding, that means that the train is just one minute away, and right on queue on comes the light, ding goes the bell and round the corner of the track comes the train. What a sight. Lovely.

Back in the car park some went of home straight away whilst the remaining dozen or so of us headed for the, untried by us, `Cock Inn ` in Wiversfield. Bearing in mind that we had not warned him of our coming, the bit of a delay in the food arriving was not unduly long and believe me it was worth waiting for.

Then it was the usual `bomb burst` departure from the pub with a number making their own way home with just a handful of us heading home through the lanes via Plumpton and Ditching .

A good run out.

John Grew


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Pictures by Peter Baker 

First Stop, tea and a Jam donut

In for a de-coke

Thomas's mate's 


I remember these when I was a lad

Nah mate,I call it strawbury blond


                                        CHICHESTER  COLLEGE  2016
A team of two from the SBMOC took on a team of two from the BSAOC in the zipper challenge,,,,, after a nail bending, teeth clenching long drawn out ten seconds of puffing and panting both teams called it a draw and retired to lick their wounds. Same time, same place next year ? ? ?

"MICK "   " WHATS YOUR WIFE DOING "  ?????????      " CURIOUS "                                                                            

               AMBERLEY CLASSIC BIKE SHOW 2016  

                                Pictures by Steve                               

Two Triton drew a few remarks, some printable

One from the J2SOS   (Japanese and 2 stroke owners section)
SBMOC gazebo next the Bantam Boys, blue skies, blue two stroke smoke and a blue stand
Yet more green ones

Another from the Tritonian section

Sun beams on a Sunbeam

Nice little trumpet with a home pass number, the owners first attempt with felt tips
Three wheelers and more three wheelers
Another three wheeler basking in the sun shine
Three wheels, two cylinders and water cooled fun

One from the green party

Well they are both orange and they both have two wheels but which one would you pick to ride to to a classic motorcycle event

Another from the green party



        Engineerium run 2016             


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                                       THE 2016 TROPHY  WINNERS    
Crash helmets were placed on the table in an attempt to stop members playing with toy cars on the table cover

Care to tango, yes indeed a stunning and rare beauty from the J2SOS 

Amberley 2016, the view from the club gazebo, there was sun, blue skies and NO rain

Lets off road
One of the five a day, yep another green one
Another view of our stand, plenty of blue skies and a good selection of bikes

Hmmm, the mobile phone has not been photo shopped out of this shot

The pipes the pipes are a turning,
from shiny chrome to strange straw coloured hues
No less than a Matchless
More green, hope Sean doesn't get upset when he sees what might be one of his relatives draped over the saddle
Very different, there’s an engine and three wheels hidden under all that fairing
Dose this come off easily,,,,,, think it might fit my bike   OYAH!!  "Leave it alone"   "I'll tell my mum"
This three wheeler was named after 007

Following Pictures by D  

        Engineerium run 2016


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Wise words from George.
" Just follow the Bike in Front "



It was good to get out and trundle up to Ardingly on a beautiful day for riding for the first show of the year. Brian was there with the Fanny B boys, Keith (the young good looking one!) was with the

Jampot brigade and Don with the multitude of Bantams.....although thinking about it I didn’t actually see Don? Bob had stolen Diane’s purse again an bought himself a nifty twin leading shoe brake but I don’t think it will fit his Yamaha. There were many Club members in attendance but no SBMOC presence in the hall a shame really as young Mr Brinkley got top spot last year., perhaps we can make an effort for the other show later in the year and who knows we might recruit some new members.

It would be remiss not to mention the absence of Clive and many of the other clubs were keen both to pass on their condolences on his passing and confirm the funeral details.