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Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club

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Geoff Baker's Compass Run, an excellent idea but apparently baffling to some Club members, attracted modest support due to the inclement weather. However those true motorcyclists amongst the Club sped off and enjoyed a nice run with some very differing mileage totals at the end. Pete Busson claimed the mileage nearest to Geoff's answer but safe in the knowledge Pete is unlikely to read this I bet Geoff told him the answer, Keith (Hairy) had a minor altercation with a lady driver who reversed back around a blind bend but survived unscathed  and with only minimal damager to his Honda. Dave gave his new bobber a second Club run in just a few days and got it dirty again.

Steve excelled himself with a quality hog roast with plenty for everyone and some took advantage of the offer of 'seconds'. Steve also confirmed he will be looking after those exhibiting their machines at Goodwood, lucky fellows.

Cadillac Country, Dave's latest musical discovery, took over playing Peter Baker's favourite style of music and George and Ethel took to the floor to show those unwillingly to get to their feet how it should be done. Gradually  a few more hardy souls made it to their feet and filled the floor. Richard continued his winning streak  with the ticket draw and once again Dave's raffle team sold an impressive number of tickets.

Thanks to all who supported the event and in just a few days your hearing should return!

Cadillac Country in full swing.                                   The Pagham table continues to grow.                      The hardest working member...........again.


Mid session and the quizzers tuck into some quality food thanks to Steve slaving way in the car park and after a gruelling quiz well presented by Geoff Baker he presented the worthy winners with 'gold' medals whilst Bernie presented the shield. Ticko's Tigers didn't quite romp to victory as there were three teams scoring equally requiring not one but two dead heat deciders.


The lull before the storm as the Bar area is cleared and prepared for the seventy folk who have bought tickets for this event. This necessitated shifting all of the Bar furniture out, removing the table tennis equipment and tables and chairs from the stage and then putting the Bar furniture onto the stage so the table tennis contestants could play. This was the very best we could  do to try and satisfy  Club members for this oversubscribed event. It doesn't look too bad until you put the people in!

In spite of the crowd, which must have impacted in a negative way on the bar takings, there were skills a plenty on show. John Wood patiently waited for his team, last to bowl, and the after a double 'skittle off' , his team aptly name 'Wood's Winners' came out on top. The Chairman presented the shield to the winning team which included two familiar faces as well as John and his wife.

Perhaps the best skill on show could have been how a certain individual negotiated his way through the throng to the Bar.........on several occasions and I am sure Bernie's good lady wife will appreciate the picture of her with her tongue poked out circulating on the World Wide Web.