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Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club

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FRANCE 2019 and a return to Lanrivain.

After the success of the 2018 trip to the motorcyclist friendly establishment run by Roger and Linda a return was made at the request of previous attendees and those wooed by the reports of a great time to be had. With a place held for Keith H it became apparent that his recovery from heart surgery was not going to enable him to come along, more's the pity and subsequently Keith C decided that his hip was to painful to consider riding. As two of our members had decided to share a double bed we had three places to fill and John  B, Gary and John S stepped up and joined us.

This year we had three members going by van from St Malo, the remaining nine  using the Caen ferry although Gary had to travel down from Lincolnshire and John B up from Somerset. Rather than bore anyone who might read this I will just say that everyone mixed in and had a good time with some memorable moments,not all of which are reportable.

Park on the pavement can you imagine doing this in the UK ........... then reserved tables in a very pleasant restaurant where Terry stole all the prawns!

The Club beer expert at work                                                                                               or is he a closet scooter owner??

Bobber owner creating reserve fuel / not building petrol bombs!!                                               Then remains inconspicuous in disguise ??