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Stretching the memory cells to the limit I think that we had something like18 turn up for the run. I know that it was between 15 and 20 so 18 sounds good.

My Matchless decided that today was the day to act the goat so failed to start at the Franklins, so Tinker lead off until I got things sorted and caught up. The visit went according to plan and I think that all of us who had been before were surprised at how much more ` stuff` had been squeezed in there . All very interesting. If you look at the photos you will see ablue label on an engine of a Hayabusa . Must have been a kin big bike and the bloke who rode it , well!

Back then to the Plough at Plumbers Plain , well, when I had change the plugI did, only to catch up with Roger on his Rudge who had ground to a halt, with as it turned out, a broken primary chain which had decided to exit front alloy cover. Bugger , `Hello aunty Carol` . It went to make my problems seem very small .
Good lunch and orft home.
John Grew                           

 Friday the 8th of December`s Friday run was shorter than usual as it was a tad cold, so an hour's run through the lanes took the 13 of us to Verrals to kick some very expensive tyres which were fitted to some fantastic bikes. We were once again made very welcome by Ian which prompted Mick to burst into song as you can see from the photo .From there it was a short run to the Bull Pub just north of Henfield to yet another welcome and some good food and the sun shone all the way, can't be bad for December.  
John Grew          

Pictures courtesy of John Grew
Many thanks for turning out to see the new Selsey Lifeboat

FRIDAY RUN 18th August

Sorry, no photies today. A good ride today starting and finishing at the Frankland Arms and a round trip, for me at least, of 90 miles. I arrived early so popped in to Destination Triumph for a pee, coffee and a chat but they weren’t particularly welcoming so moved on to the Arms. 14 bikes on the run today with MickG on lead and Hairy Keith & JohnT Hondariel as back markers. Weather was good for the ride, but changed later in the day.    Roads were good and the horses encountered were very well behaved/controlled. So too were the bikers. I couldn’t stop for lunch today because of other commitments, so unless I missed anything important it was a good and uneventful ride through the lovely Sussex and Surrey countryside.

Keith (The Younger)


FRIDAY RUN 11 August 2017

18 bikes assembled at the Sussex Pad (Lancing College turn-off on A27) for a run to the Filching Manor Motor Museum and Campbell Circuit at Polgate, but 2 further bikers were picked up on route and a further 6 persons and a grandson joined us there on 4 wheelers plus two more bikers. The motorcycle gang was as usual of mostly modern stock with only 3 or 4 real oldies, one of which we subsequently learned didn’t last the day. More later on this.

For those unfamiliar, the Filching Manor is a 15thC manor house privately owned by the Foulkes family who also maintain the Foulkes Halbard Collection museum which is largely dedicated to the Campbell family and held here is actually Sir Malcolm Campbell’s K3 Bluebird record breaking 1938 boat together with a large number of vintage and other veteran cars and motorcycles, many of which are in full road working order and regularly turn out for events such as London to Brighton and the Pioneer Run. But the tour of the manor house and the museum collection is only possible via organised clubs and pre-booked groups. So in a word its exclusive. Below are a few snaps on the day. The K3 Bluebird is in the course of being fully restored and is due to be taken for a trial run on Bewl Reservoir later in the year.    So keep an eye on their web site for further announcements.  

Now the bike in question is an AJS Model 31, which usually drips a bit of oil but on the day John Grew was rather chuffed, but somewhat concerned, as it was completely oil tight. But it later transpired (by own admission) that when he was hammering it a bit on the homeward run the resultant consequence was a call out to the Alan Topping Recovery Services Ltd.  The initial indications is that all the missing oil was squirting into the K2F magneto which, understandably, then ceased to function.   Nice one John!

Keith (The Younger)

Phtos By John Grew