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Stretching the memory cells to the limit I think that we had something like18 turn up for the run. I know that it was between 15 and 20 so 18 sounds good.

My Matchless decided that today was the day to act the goat so failed to start at the Franklins, so Tinker lead off until I got things sorted and caught up. The visit went according to plan and I think that all of us who had been before were surprised at how much more ` stuff` had been squeezed in there . All very interesting. If you look at the photos you will see ablue label on an engine of a Hayabusa . Must have been a kin big bike and the bloke who rode it , well!

Back then to the Plough at Plumbers Plain , well, when I had change the plugI did, only to catch up with Roger on his Rudge who had ground to a halt, with as it turned out, a broken primary chain which had decided to exit front alloy cover. Bugger , `Hello aunty Carol` . It went to make my problems seem very small .
Good lunch and orft home.
John Grew                           

 Friday the 8th of December`s Friday run was shorter than usual as it was a tad cold, so an hour's run through the lanes took the 13 of us to Vermeils to kick some very expensive tyres which were fitted to some fantastic bikes. We were once again made very welcome by Ian which prompted Mick to burst into song as you can see from the photo .From there it was a short run to the Bull Pub just north of Henfield to yet another welcome and some good food and the sun shone all the way, can't be bad for December.  
John Grew          

Pictures courtesy of John Grew
Many thanks for turning out to see the new Selsey Lifeboat

FRIDAY RUN 18th August

Sorry, no photies today. A good ride today starting and finishing at the Frankland Arms and a round trip, for me at least, of 90 miles. I arrived early so popped in to Destination Triumph for a pee, coffee and a chat but they weren’t particularly welcoming so moved on to the Arms. 14 bikes on the run today with MickG on lead and Hairy Keith & JohnT Hondariel as back markers. Weather was good for the ride, but changed later in the day.    Roads were good and the horses encountered were very well behaved/controlled. So too were the bikers. I couldn’t stop for lunch today because of other commitments, so unless I missed anything important it was a good and uneventful ride through the lovely Sussex and Surrey countryside.

Keith (The Younger)


FRIDAY RUN 11 August 2017

18 bikes assembled at the Sussex Pad (Lancing College turn-off on A27) for a run to the Filching Manor Motor Museum and Campbell Circuit at Polgate, but 2 further bikers were picked up on route and a further 6 persons and a grandson joined us there on 4 wheelers plus two more bikers. The motorcycle gang was as usual of mostly modern stock with only 3 or 4 real oldies, one of which we subsequently learned didn’t last the day. More later on this.

For those unfamiliar, the Filching Manor is a 15thC manor house privately owned by the Foulkes family who also maintain the Foulkes Halbard Collection museum which is largely dedicated to the Campbell family and held here is actually Sir Malcolm Campbell’s K3 Bluebird record breaking 1938 boat together with a large number of vintage and other veteran cars and motorcycles, many of which are in full road working order and regularly turn out for events such as London to Brighton and the Pioneer Run. But the tour of the manor house and the museum collection is only possible via organised clubs and pre-booked groups. So in a word its exclusive. Below are a few snaps on the day. The K3 Bluebird is in the course of being fully restored and is due to be taken for a trial run on Bewl Reservoir later in the year.    So keep an eye on their web site for further announcements.  

Now the bike in question is an AJS Model 31, which usually drips a bit of oil but on the day John Grew was rather chuffed, but somewhat concerned, as it was completely oil tight. But it later transpired (by own admission) that when he was hammering it a bit on the homeward run the resultant consequence was a call out to the Alan Topping Recovery Services Ltd.  The initial indications is that all the missing oil was squirting into the K2F magneto which, understandably, then ceased to function.   Nice one John!

Keith (The Younger)


The run today he'd by Mick on his military B40 and wearing the brightest orange jacket  you have ever seen. Twenty two riders turned out for the run but Terry, Bob (J) and Dave decided to take a trip to Helmet City for some retail therapy whilst the remainder took a great route  around familiar and not so familiar lanes to our eventual destination at the Cricketers Wisborough Green. As always a wide variety of machines from Mick's B4o, Norton ES2,AJS the not so classic Hariel and  the usual smattering of Triumphs and Hondas and Keith's Hyosong. In spite of some traffic issues spreading us all out it was good to see the second man drop of worked perfectly.

Thanks Mick.


The sun wasn't shining so it was down to the 'real' motorcyclists this week and as you might imagine our numbers were reduced to the 'magnificent seven'. Even the triumphs were outnumbered by two Hondas, an Enfield and a Rudge, with all bikes and riders performing excellently. As Alan T was under the weather Keith (Hairy) took on the leader role and made up a brilliant ride off the cuff as it were. I did the back marker role which I enjoyed as you get to hear a variety of exhaust notes an riding styles. The run was all too soon over and we adjourned to the Frankand Arms where once again we were made very welcome by the ladies below. 

FRIDAY RUN 21st July 2017

A Whiteways Café start today and on point was our pathfinder ‘Hairy’ Keith.  A good turnout on the day with 13 bikers of the usual mix of modern and old including a now seemingly oil tight Rudge after its engine rebuild, and with the trusty Velo and Hondariel duet at the rear.   Rain was expected later in the day, and on the homeward run the temperature did indeed begin to fall away.   But for the day’s ride the sun was shining, the roads were dry, there were no spills or drama (not counting a ‘u’ turn), and after 2 hrs without a pee stop working our way northwards through green and pleasant Sussex, past Cowdray Park with a gathering of eager nags preparing for a weekend’s event and into Surrey we (certainly I) were pleased to reach our final destination, the Barley Mow, on the green at Tilford.   All-in-all, a lovely ride, lovely weather, lovely company and a lovely beer with lunch.  Is there any better thing to do than ride your ‘birota automataria’(Latin. meaning motorcycle) on an English sunny summer’s day.

Keith (the younger)

 As members of the aging community I would guess that you are all the same as me and are now in the position of only vaguely remembering what is was like to have a memory  
Last Fridays run was a classic example of not having 
one as having dug out my 500 trials bitza for the first time for about 7months , filled it up and leapt aboard for the short run to the Franklin Arms, I was totally at ease with the world. It was only once we got going that I thought , this is a bit low geared today. Hum! Oh! yes, I put it on trials gearing to try and sell it as a trials bike and that is why it is revving its nuts off which of course will make it a bit thirsty on fuel andthere I am, tail end Charlie with Mr Taylor out in front which will undoubtedly mean a long run . Oh! well let's just get on with it. So , 15 of us old geriatrics set off into the wide blue yonder and after having stood around at the Franklin for 15 minutes, I was a bit on the warm side, so brain in neutral as usual, I was riding with my visor fully up to cool off a bit and guess what, before long a wasp went in and lodged on the top of my right ear under the arm of my glasses and did what wasps do best .Screech to a halt, or what goes for a screech with these brakes , oh! ok slow down as quick as possible , helmet off etc and make the little bastard pay for it with his life. 

Upwards and onwards on a good ride ending up at the Red Barn Pub on the outskirts on Lingfield all very good . Mr T did a stop to have a look at an old tree in a church yard that had taken his fancy , but I think that it wastoo hot for most of us to go and have a look. We have been to the Red Barn before and they looked after us as usual . Several of us wanted fuel but not all for the same reason as me , and at that point we did get a bit split up. I ended up going into the services at Peas Pottage and had a lonely ride home which was probably good for the rest as sitting behind an under geared old rattler , bike that is not me , is not the best way to travel.

Yet another good run and day out.
John Grew

Friday run report and the multi get off`s and breakdown`s.Keith Tew had offered to organise the run and 15 of us met up at Whitewalls and offt we jolly well went. All was well until a sharp right turn at LinchFarm and a huge pile of washed off the hills and on to the road gravel ,caught Alan`s Honda out and dumped him on his ear, where he was promptly joined by Dudley who hit the same pile in his vain efforts to miss him . At the last count I.E. in the pub the only damage was to Alan`s ankle which
creaked a bit when he moved it . Ok so don't move it then .However after that little episode or leader must have decided that he was not going to be left out of the fun , over shot a right turn and in doing the soft shoe shuffle  to effect his 97 point U turn , fell off in the middle of the road , the only casualty this time was his indicator glass .They don't make em like they did when I wer a lad.

The next to cause a delay was yours truly when a horse got a bit frisky somewhere near Fletching . I flicked my kill switch to kill my engine, notthe horse, and let the horse sort its self out. On trying to start I foundthat the bike was in gear , bugger, then kicked and kicked before remembering to flick the kill switch back into run , by which time it was
flooded but of course sorted it out eventually by calling upon my life timeof skills . Yea right!.

And last but not least, Alan on the Ariel had the main jet holder come loose on his monoblock which brought him to a grinding halt. This however he quickly fixed and it was hi ho to the Cricketers at Wisborogh Green, whereby nature of being the last there I was last in line for placing my order aythe bar. This caused lots of sniggers which stopped when my grub was thesecond to be delivered and just to rub it is I finished before some had evegot there`s . Her! Her! Her!

Can anybody explain why it is that you can be going along an empty road when you have a bit of an altercation with the interface between you and the road surface, and it suddenly seems as though it has happened in the middle of Piccadilly Circus. You get the picture but all the car drivers were as goodas gold and did not run over anyone.

A very enjoyable run Keith , thank you
John Grew

Could it be the lure of cheese on toast at the Milk Churn or the thought of ale from the Firebird Brewery?? that caused seventeen aging individuals to mount their steeds and tour the Sussex/Surry countryside in search of either or both.

A couple of starting issues with those still able to run push starting John and Ian, with Bob's Ajay a little reluctant to burst into life. In time all was well and we had a very pleasant ride. As we were already aware the food was tasty, the drink more than palatable and on the whole a really excellent day all round.

Thanks John.

FRIDAY 12th MAY 2017

This Fridays run was to the Gatwick Aviation Museum at Charlwood which is very close to Gatwick Airport its self. We have been to the museum before some four years ago but since then there have been a lot of changes. The original owner in his last few years had made it in to a trust, but just after that he sadly died and so the trust took over and have managed to do what he had wanted to do for years, but was allways stopped by the local council. He had always wanted to build a much bigger building so the he could bring all the aircraft inside and this has now been done, with just three still remaining outside, which will one day come in as well .   What a fantastic job they have done , it is a credit to all concerned .

Only thirteen of us made it which was undoubtedly down to the weather forecasters, for once ,getting it right. When they said showers , that’s what we got to the extent that at 09.00 it was hammering down here in Steyning and I was ready to going in the car and rang Malcolm to tell him so. However, as soon as I put the phone down it stopped raining, so a quick bit of shuffling about and I took the Suzuki with a screen and not the AJS which has no screen  .

It  then drizzled most of the way there which was not helped by lorries going past us.

Never mind, us big ruffty tuffty geriatrics  got there and once a round of coffee were consumed we were ready for what turned out to be a truly brilliant tour with a talk on each aircraft given by either a very enthusiastic volunteer or an ex RAF pilot who had flown these things for real while he was in the RAF. They made the whole thing come alive with their stories and anecdotes . The visit to their one remaining Shackleton was given by an ex pilot of Shackletons who is now 83 years old and still as bright as a button. Did you know that the aircraft was named after Sir Ernest Shackelton who was a relative of the designer ?

And so on to the Starr pub in Rusper for a slightly late lunch and that bit of the ride was done in the dry as most of the trip home was.

All in all a very good visit

John Grew

It may have been a gloomy day outside but inside it was brilliant!     Harrier or Lighting or take your pick from a range of jet engines.

FRIDAY 5th MAY 2017

Courtesy of Chris Lance who organised the visit we spent a really enjoyable and interesting morning at Ricardos premises in Shoreham.  A twenty minute presentation gave us an understanding of the role that Ricardos plays in many fields and not just the automotive  side of matters. Clearly much of their work is confidential and their partners in whatever project they are working on are reluctant to share the subject matter. To try to cover the global work that is undertaken is beyond my expertise so I will just refer to the  vehicles in the Centre of Excellence that you can see in the following pictures.

Le Mans winning vehicle ......Ricardo drive train.                                                                       Ricardo motorcycle ... please note the quality brakes (brake blocks)

The 'Foggy' Petronas three cylinder and very high revving.                                                   An early Citroen ?

A bunch of 'fairly' well behaved blokes.                                                                                    A partly rebuilt building having been demolished by a crash landing wartime B17.


None of our usual scribes were able to make today’s run, so it falls upon me to pen (or tap) a few words of the day. 

There were 13 of us on a mix of machines per usual, and it was good to see MickG back on his feet (or rather bike).   But as a precaution he wore his girdle which he seems to enjoy, but for the moment we'll give him the benefit of the doubt as to any question of possible cross dressing. 

The ride was excellent.  A little overcast, but at least nice and dry and with occasional bursts of bright sunshine which seemed to coincide always with passing through little villages…..or was it just my imagination. Starting at the Frankland Arms JohnT on his Hondariel as per usual took us on a 2 and ½ hour sightseeing tour through many, if not most, of the prettiest picture postcard villages in mid-east Sussex returning again to those fair ladies at the Frankland.    

As aside, this is this week's artistic picture.  A distinct change from naked ladies and hairy bikers.  Hyacinthoides non-scripta seen extensively today in our green and pleasant land.  

Keith  (The Younger)


Nineteen riders gathered in the fine weather at the Franklin Arms (quietly) for a run to the Barley Mow (somewhere) led by Alan on his new Triumph.  Bantam Pete brought his Norton having had a dose of two stroke at last week's Ardingly event. John (G) gave his newly completed Ajay a run out and very nice it sounded too and the rest of the usual reprobates attended. The past President, currently calling himself "King of the Club" was in evidence trying to his past and present titles to get to the front of the queue without any success whatsoever. The number of machines requiring a kickstart continues to be outnumbered by those starting on the button, the latter ensuring knees last a little longer.

As always a great run over roads new to me and maybe others as well, with just a moments panic when we rode past the Barley Mow without stopping but all became clear as Alan took us on a circular route before heading back to the pub. 

This report now takes on an artistic flavour as we publish the pictures from the pub gentleman's toilet, please ensure your heart medication is up to date before proceeding.

OK who's first on the swings!                                                                                                    While Patrick wrestles with technology with(out) his glasses the clue is the pile of

                                                                                                                                                   riding gear showing that for the first time this year it was warm enough to sit outside.

Highlights of the day:

Bob eating somebody else's lunch.

Having to do over eighty on the way home to keep up with Bantam Pete.

FRIDAY 31st MARCH 2017

Seventeen riders turned out on a murky morning that developed into one of the best with bright sunshine. Keith (Hairy) took us on this run which was as usual right up with his high standard with some very interesting lanes without too much of the wet stuff. Quite honestly the road surface quality is enough to cope with without the addition of any mud which was pleasantly absent until just before the end of the run when a farm vehicle decided to do some spreading. We did get a little spread out ourselves due to a lack of adherence to the second man drop off system and due to the fact that Pete B dropped his Triumph and he was the back marker! Thankfully Pete didn't damage himself or his bike just admitting his pride was the only thing damaged.

The run ended at The Country Inn, Bepton where we were made very welcome and were joined by Mick and Christine still on four wheels.


FRIDAY 24th MARCH 2017

With our usual run leaders absent Alan kindly volunteered to 'show us the way' on this occasion. Blessed with fine weather, although a little chilly, we had a great run over many road new to the riders. Pleased to say it was trouble free run maybe due to the marque of the machines rather than the capacity as we had 124cc up to 1000cc and I think perhaps the former might have been the ideal bike for the day.

After a circuitous route we arrived at the Cock Inn where Alan had arranged for a table to be reserved for us and where we were well looked after. The pub name as you might imagine caused some 'ribald'' conversation especially when it appeared there was an annual award for "Cock of the Year".

Always wishing to take part you will find our nomination for the award in 2017 pictured alongside.

Good food, trouble free riding, good company, what else could a man want?



As you can see from the adjacent photograph the sun brought out plenty of Friday runners and having ridden the proposed route earlier in the week I thought I was well prepared. Unfortunately that proved not to be the case as our attempts to contact Boaters, our proposed destination,  were unsuccessful. It was decided we would do half of the run to Chilgrove and try again to get in touch with Boaters as to turn up with 25 riders would swamp them if they were not prepared. Off we set only for Bob Jenkins to suffer a broken throttle cable and 2 x  Keith stayed with him to resolve the problem. All was well until we paused at Chilgrove  when our efforts to make contact with Boaters again failed. A brief discussion and we decided to curtail the original run and go through Petersfield and along the 272 to Loomies or the West Meon Hut depending on your wish to take on alcohol or not.

 Some decided to head for home and the rest followed suit after getting fed and 'watered'. I decided, in the company of Ron, to go back through Fareham and call at Boaters which we did only to find it had been burnt down. 

Message to self.........check that your destination still exists before setting off.)


Bob and Keith (noisy) get down to replacing the broken throttle cable on Bob's AJS whilst Keith (scary) does the David Bailey role behind the camera. 

Unfortunately the cable didn't fit too well which prevented these three musketeers from continuing on the ride but it is great to see the support Club members give each other.

With the gloomy, misty weather as the day dawned you might be forgiven for thinking that most would be riders will turn over in bed and go back to sleep. No way, a dozen hardy chaps gathered at the bus stop at Washington (after John specifically said 'stay clear of the bus stop') clearly the hearing problems persist. Ron turned up on his newly acquired Honda CBF, an 05 plate if I remember correctly, and his inclusion rounded off all riders on far from Classic machines.

The mist slowly lifted and visibility improved to the point where the run became enjoyable and John led us on a sixty miles or so run which included decent and indecent road and just about every pothole in Sussex. On the whole (a pun on hole?)  a great ride once again and rounded off by meeting with the slowly improving Mick and Christine at the Cricketeers.


At last the tree clearance was complete and we could return to Whiteways for the start of our run. With the weather on our side the only downside could be the fact that there were thirteen of us, might that be a warning as to what may be to come? Well, all went very well to start with as Tinker led us along a very impressive route with no major mud but just the usual poor quality of the road surface. Our machines were an impressive variety with little and large (185 Honda and 1200 BMW) old and new (Rudge and Matchless then a new Triumph) and just about everything in between.

The first 'event' was a permanent discharge on Roger's Rudge, swiftly 'cured' by disconnecting the battery, followed by Dick suffering a flat tyre which took a little longer to resolve. A little less riding but a direct route to the pub, no problem with that! 

It was Mick Gant's birthday and he had arranged for his family to have a pub lunch to celebrate and by arrangement it was at the pub that was our destination. So it was really good to see Mick on his feet and looking much like his normal self and John back on two wheels as well.


The 10th saw a diminished number of members prepared to clamber out of bed for the run but four of our usual stalwarts made the effort, they being run leader John Taylor, Keith Tew. Phil King and Alan Topping. These brave and hardy souls had an hour of riding before settling on the newly renovated fishing pond facility at Barns Green.

Now one week on, a few rays of sunshine and a few more degrees rise in temperature and bingo eighteen members ready for the ride to be led by Alan (T).  I rarely have any idea of where we are going or how we arrive at our destination  but more importantly it was really good to see John (G) on his feet and in the saddle once again. The run included some good road and a mixture of lanes so everybody should have been happy. Our destination was the Green Man at Ringmer which was incredibly busy due no doubt in part to parents taking their offspring out in the half term holiday. 

Another excellent day riding thanks to Alan.


This week we meet at Washington eight riders make the effort, still conspicuous by their absence are John Grew and Mick Gant get well soon guys our thoughts are with you.
Mr. JOHN TAYLOR alias John Thomas is up front with rear gunner Alan Topping. He ask will it be the short or long run, as the weather forecast is not good the short run was the choice. At ten thirty we set off to the east towards Stenning but take the first on the left and follow up to and through Ashington to the roundabout we go left for a short way then turn right to Spear Hill straight on,the lanes were running with water and the side ditches full to capacity with some flooding in the fields and the vehicles using the lanes had pushed the mud from the banks some what into the lane's. At Broomer's Corner we go towards Shipley when we come to the A272 turn left then immediately right to Southwater in Southwater we should go left but road closed for repair, super quick thinking JT just go's on to roundabout at A24 straight over towards Horsham half way down the hill we go left at the pub then we go under the A24 to Ichhingfield on to Coneyhurst when we come to the A272 we go left then immediately right past the JT empire at Gay Street on down through West Chiltington on till we come to the A283 we go left to Washington roundabout straight over past where we started go right into Washington Village and the Franklin Arms for lunch and a weee dram.
The ride this week was mainly on wet muddy "roads" no not roads but small lanes we twist and turn with hardly any signs to identify where we were or indeed which direction we where facing but JT had it sorted well done John and ta for yet another excellent FRIDAY RUN, 


Oh I forgot to take Pictures so add one of the two Keith's repairing the TRW in the sun shine, yes Mr Crowley does come out some times 
I do not guarantee any accuracy in these details of the Friday run as they are from memory

                          Friday Run 27th Jan 2017


We met at Whiteways ten bikes (2 more than last week) we miss JOHN GREW and MICK GANT who are unfortunately not in the best of health, we wish you both a full and speedy recovery.


"HAIRY" Keith Tew is the run leader and John (Tinker) Taylor tail gunner, at ten thirty we head North down Berry Hill at the B2138 we go left through Fittleworth to the nasty junction and go left A283 at the Petworth Chichester road A285 go left a short distance we turn right to Selham into the smaller country lanes we notice the road side puddles are still iced over and we pass a large lake on our left which is still frozen, we go on to the A272 go left and then immediately right on to Loadsworth then Lickfold and Blackdown follow on to the right to the A283 we cross straight over and head to Plaistow and Mackerel's Common then Kirkford on to Wisborough Green and The Cricketer's to a big open fire and Lunch.

The ride was mostly on dry roads but this week we did encounter some wet and some mud but still a most enjoyable run, many thanks HAIRY and the other few run organisers as without them the runs would not take place.


PS. the run home from just past Adversane was the worse part as some of the road was covered in mud from a farm outlet





                                                                        Friday Run 20th January 2017                                                                                                                                   

WASHINGTON Friday 20th Jan.the first bike arrives for the run still frost on the grass with a cold wind but the sun is shinning, by 10-30 eight bikes have arrived, John (Tinker) Taylor is the run leader and we set of going east on the 283 past Steyning and Bamber at the roundabout we go left on the 2037 through Upper Beeding (strange as the further North you will come to Lower Beeding) then through Henfield then left to Partridge Green where we go right follow up cross the 272 on through Maplehurst, Nuthurst to Monks Green where we turn left towards Horsham the 281 just before the town at Manning's Heath we go right through St Lenards Forest to roundabout on the 264 straight across to Faygate bear right to a really nice pub at Lambs Green and a nice lunch and drink.

The route was on good mostly dry roads and without any mishaps thank you John T, a good run enjoyed by the few but a lot missed out



Scary's tidy Triumph which not only looks good but sounds good as well!

Friday run  23rd December 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  If you are going to screw it up then do it proper.    I really should have learnt by now that the O.S. Maps are not that good when it come down to the nitty gritty.     When you compare them to Google maps or better still the real thing then very often are quite wrong. Well that`s my excuse any way.

Today’s run got a bit cross threaded early on but I recovered myself and it was not noticed ( I think). It all went pear shaped just after Dunsfold when the left turn I should have taken was only 50 yds and not a mile and a  half a mile as the map showed. But then to make it really bad I missed the next left and sailed on in to Godalming believing that there must be another left soon. Nagh!  So to the lights in Godalming , turn left and then the wheels really fell off. The road swung right around a roundabout but for reasons just right for the day, the second man , no names no pack drill, did not stop and it was only some way down the road I realised that there were only two behind me. Stop, wait, turn round and get lost. Sometime later us three arrived at the Foresters Arms in Kirdford and it would seem only about ten minutes after the main body arrived which had been lead around the houses several times by JT.

Never mind it was a goodish run.

Sorry chaps


                                                                 Friday run   2nd Dec 2016                                                         

You can tell that the weather is getting colder as only 11 turned up for this Fridays run which started from Washington Roundabout. Today it fell to Tinker ( John Taylor) to lead it and as usually he did a good job taking us up into Surrey and ending up in a rather grand looking  pub, which was not as expensive as the outside suggested.  This was just outside Blindly Heath which is not far from Lingfield.

As Tinker was brought up in this area he did a great job of finding lots of small lanes some of which I had not come across before.

He even managed to keep the rain away but did not manage to keep my fingers warm on the way there but it must have warmed up a bit as it seemed a lot warmer on the way home.

A minor problem arose when we all got back into the pub car park to head for home in the form of the rear tyre on Pats Kawasaki being flat at the bottom possibly caused by a self tapping screw being in it . In seconds, or so it seemed, he had a number of tins of tyre sealant being handed to him, one of which did the job and off we went. I trust that you got home ok Pat.

A good day and our thanks to JT for leading us


    Friday run Nov: 25th Nov 2016


Mick Gant stepped up to the podium to do today’s run and a brilliant job he did too, even organising a lovely sunny day, or be it a bit chilly.

Keeping up the theme that Alan started last week, we disturbed some of the local animals, the first one being, am assured by Mick, biggest Stag ever borne. This rushed out in front of Mick waving the biggest set of antlers ever to grace a stag. Well that is was what I was told anyway. The second was a horse on a lunging rein going round and round in circles on Ebernoe Common, who was a bit more frisky by the time that us back markers went past and the last one was yet another horse who decided that it was about time that he got that stupid human off his back. He did not go kindly to these noisy things going bang bang rattle past him. Us last few stopped and let him/her self sort its self out and was last seen disappearing up a side lane with legs going in all directions as though he was pissed. The horse that is not the rider although I bet the rider needed a stiff one when he finally got off. Drink that is.

Mick`s run was 43 miles long to the Cricketers Pub at Wisborugh Green and took us down some beautiful lanes made better by the sun shining through the trees and the autumn colours were just wonderful. Well done Mick and a big thank you from all your 18 followers.

John Grew


                                                            Friday run 18th November 2016

Twelve of us met up at Washington for the run to be lead by Alan Topping and what a cracking run it was to. Alan being a lad of East Sussex knows it like John Taylor knows Surrey.    Alan, without telling us, had laid on firstly a bit of excitement  in the form of a horse running out of a farm yard just as he rode past it and Alan having to swerve to miss it. This was on the road between Fulking and Poynings. This bought as all to a stop , blocking the road and trying in vain to play Roy Rogers. Roger road into the yard to try and find someone but to no avail. Fortunately the horse decided to rush back into the yard all of its own accord and we promptly shut the gate which looked as though it had not been shut for years and quickly buggered off assuming that the horse belonged there. If not the owners were in for a bit of a shock upon their return.

The second surprise was just the right amount of rain to lay the dust and make the unprepared stop and put their plastic knickers on, upon which the rain stopped. I never realised that Alan was that clever.    I thought that I knew the area fairly well but Alan proved me wrong on a lot of occasions going down some cracking lanes which I had never used before.     We ended up in the Cock Inn in Wiversfield and were made very welcome. If you are ever in that area and they have their Parsnip and Mustard Soup on the menu then you just have to try it. Its lovely.

A very good run Alan and thanks from one and all.

John Grew


                                                          Friday run to Herstmonceux 4th Nov 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 We had been told that we needed 15 people min: to get the group entrance rate which we just had before Keith Meadmore’s Triumph decided not to go any further than Arundel and word has it that he is not very impressed with Desperation for their very negative and unhelpful attitude to his predicament.   So, it was 14 of us who set off from the lay-by at Southwick in the dry despite the doom and gloom of the weather forecast.

John Taylor led the first `slow` group and I led the second slightly quicker one. We all met up at the Pevensey roundabout and went into the Observatory en mass. We were met at the door by Jo who is the manageress of the place who made us all feel very welcome and was good enough to let us have the group rate even though we were one man down.

So, first things first, get the coats and kit off and then into the cafe. Cries of horror from Little John who had managed to lose his wallet between the pay desk and the cafe. An all out search was carried out by us and the staff and I even searched his coat but I did draw the line at searching his trousers. It did of course have all his cards in it so he rang his wife to get her to cancel them which she had done by the time he had got home. Can you see where this is going yet? He was of course very wet when he arrived home and stripped his kit off and lo and behold there it was tucked up behind the protection pad in one of his knees . He is of course expecting a bit of stick at the next meeting so don’t disappoint him.

So after the cafe it was out to have a play on the toys and then to meet up with Verity who was our guide for the BIG telescope and beyond. This lady knows her stuff and kept us enthralled for just over an hour, with a lot of questions coming from us lot which she said made it enjoyable for her as well.

She then directed us to `dome F ` where we were left to study all the information in there. In one or two of the pictures you will see club members trying to look intelligent studying all of the information that is displayed in there. That done it was lunch in the cafe and then launch ourselves out into the torrential rain and head for home.

My Bearing coat has always been waterproof but I have been very unlucky with `waterproof` trousers and today was no exception . Having got to a mile from home with a dry bum, I was starting to feel smug about it , until it let itself be known that it was still status quo and it was wet in the usual delicate place by the time that I arrived home. John Taylor rang to say that his did the same. Consistency is a good thing don’t you think, you always know where you stand don’t you.

A good time was had by all and our thanks go to the staff of at Herstmonceux

John Grew




                                                                                 Friday run  23 September 2016                                                           

A few photos of today's run to Verralls and the on to The Plough pub. Lots of mouth watering stuff but the one that took my eye was the 1921 Martynside which was just beautiful, and if I had £22000 to spare it wouldjust be cleaned up and got running and used. I hope that is what happens to it. From Verralls we went to the Plough pub at Plummer's Plain where Marchad his gorgeous Triton on display in the fireplace. Well where else wouldyou put it


                                                                 Friday run to Shoreham fort 26th Aug 2016                                                            

Some 25 of us turned up for the run which started from Washington roundabout. We went the pretty route to Shoreham and then had to do the rubbish bit to the Fort.     Garry, our guide for the visit, welcomed us in and for the next hour and a half kept us fascinated with dates, facts and figures, and far too many to mention here. Even though I had heard it only a few weeks ago I still found it fascinating, making me realise just how much I had missed or had forgotten all ready.     It was then to the old Lady Jane pub on the beach which is now called the Waterside where we were looked after very well. And the bonus was the fantastic weather.

A jolly good run out.


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Line up of members old bikes !!

Now, Whos won the Hands on the Hip Competition
Wake up Malcolm                                                                                                                                                                                                                      =============================================

Some days are better than others 

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 Line Up of old Members
Santa emerges from his grotto!
Malcolms nodding off again while Patricks been Lazered                                    ===============================================                                                                                                      
It's   only flat at the bottom John

                                               FRIDAY RUN TO GRACEWELLS OLD FOLKS HOME HORLEY 

5th Aug 2016                                                         


Following up on a request that Roger picked up for an` old bike` visit to `Gracewells` old folks home in Horley , ten of us on a good cross section of old`uns , tuned up at the requested time of 02.00 pm last Friday after a very enjoyable run lead by John Taylor. We ended up for lunch at the Greyhound pub in Charlwood which is a pub that I had not been to before and will not be going to again.

Ok, so there were 15 of us, but instead of getting the usual open arms welcome that we normally get as our number arrives, all we got was, got no beer as they have not delivered (have they ordered it) got no bread so it is wraps only, got no coffee as we have not got a coffee machine, and I more or less had to plead with the manager to get a warm beer from the stock room as all he had was stuff out of the fridge.

Chris and Pete ordered and got Steak and Kidney pies which turned out to be in over cooked cases and had to be left. The waitress did all she could to please unhappy customers but was overruled be the `Manager`. The free pudding that they got between them was I feel sure fiddled out of the back door by the waitress.

Not to be repeated and just in case you missed the name it is the GREYHOUND at CHARLWOOD.

The reception that we got from Gracewells was much better. Tea, coffee and soft drinks were there to be had and we then met some of the inmates. Bless them. Several were with it enough to reminisce about their motorcycle adventures in days gone by. One lady even went to watch the grass track racing at Capel at about the same time as I did. She and her husband had BSA outfit for many years. A German lady was reminiscing about her time in during WW2 when she was looking after some 50 children at a school and the way they were moved from country to country.

And so it went on. I think that I can safely say that we all enjoyed the visit and John Taylor suggested that we do more of it and why not.

John Grew

Some of the Old Folks
I could settle here 

I Wonder if they have a spare room



                                                                Friday run to the Firebird Brewery at Rudgewick.

Once again a good turnout of 20, ok 21 if you count Ron who was 10 mins: late at Whiteways and wondered why we were not there, and then an hour’s bimble around a few lanes saw us there at 11.30.

Richard, who is one of the owners, greeted us and showed us in to the inner sanctuary where they store the beer in barrels, all ready for the likes us lot to descend on it. It was like kids in a sweet shop, especially when Richard said have a glass and help you selves. We did not need a second bidding.

It was outside then to the tables and those of us who had taken up the offer of ordering our Cheese on toast at last Monday meeting down the club, were served straight away with the very mouth watering Sussex Charmer Cheese on toast with, in my case added tomatoes. How good was that?

We were then ushered up stairs above the brewery so that we could look over into the workings of the brewery it`s self and were given a talk by Richard on just how it works. All good stuff.

It was then all into the shop to pick up a few sample bottles of the brew and then settle up with Richard and then outside for a group photo in the now drizzling rain.

That done it was` high ho silver` and off home just as the rain got harder and harder and harder.

However by the time we got to Advesane the roads were dry but by that time the damage was done and my sun lounge is currently looking like a giant cloths horse .

John Grew



                                       FRIDAY RUN  to Ringer 15th July 2016                                                                                                                                               

This was the long awaited run to Mick Gant`s friends Jim and Sheila Tiller to have a look at their racing Allards.

The 20 of us were greeted by the very friendly couple with tea coffee and biscuits, and Jim gave us the run down on just what they had, how they had made it, what it did and what they had achieved with it and all out of their back sheds and from what I could gather, on the typical shoe string. Men in sheds it most definitely was.

Jim’s main car has a short block V8 Chevy lump in it which of course has all sorts of mods: The addition of Nitro’s injection is just one of them. He had all the body work off so that we could have a good look around it and he was kept busy answering all our questions, one of which was, why have you got that big old red rear light bolted down there. The answer was that if he had oil failure then he wanted to know immediately and the possibility of seeing your typical little red light when travelling at , as he did at Bonneville, 195 +, was just not on. The Bonneville trip had all the makings of the Bert Munroe adventure which you all must have seen in the World’s Fastest Indian. Jims aim was 200 MPH but sadly it was not to be as a problem struck at the end of his first run so he was unable to make the second in the time allowed. Sheila however achieved her ambition to drive at 150 MPH by doing 152 and she has the ticket to prove it.

She also has her own Allard which she told us has a Ford V8 Flat head in it along with different gear box. This she rallies and hill climbs all over Europe.

Perhaps I should add at this point that they are both over 80 and I am very glad to say, still going strong.

Incidentally , Jim has held the FTD ( Fastest Time of the Day) at Brighton Speed Trials for the last two years , beating ALL of the other cars. Men in sheds, don’t you just love em.

Just for our benefit, Jim started the beast up and as we were in his shed it proved to be a tad loud to say the least, especially as the ``silencers`` were leaning against the wall and not doing a lot.

The other thing that I have remembered was when Jim was showing us his collection of trophies in his front room. One trophy from Silverstone was a plastic flask, the sort that you would have taken on a picnic back in the forties. The big difference with this one was the fact that it was engraved with his name on it and dated 1947 (I think). Sheila told him that she had seen the same one in the high street that day for 3 shillings and 8d. Big spenders Silverstone

Jim has also had several big trophies stolen over the years and all he has left of them are photographed and memories. There really some barsteds about .

John Grew                                                                                                                                                                                          Pictures by John Grew 


                                                              Friday run  24th June

The Friday run this week was from Washington to CC Carburetter cleaning Company at Puttenham near Guildford. Chis Claydon with his partner Jo own and run the company.    I met him by chance whilst on holiday in Cuba when we were on the same cruise. He told me he was moving to new premises and planned to have an open day, so I suggested we could combine a friday run to visit them.   About 18 of us set off, with John Taylor leading and arrived at about 11.30 am. Chris and Jo were very welcoming and pleasantly surprised with the number of people that turned up.    Chris showed us around and explained the various processes and machinery he uses. In the meantime Jo was dishing out cups of tea and had set out a table with sandwiches, cakes and quiches.    Needless to say our lot got stuck in and most of it disappeared pretty quick. So much so that when we left there was only 5 of us that arrived at the pub on the way home. Everyone else had had enough to eat and went home.This was just as well as they were not serving food at the pub anyway.

Altogether a very enjoyable day out and many thanks to Chis and Jo for there hospitality.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Friday run 13 May 2016                                                         

This Friday run started off as it always does, this time with some 20 odd starters. Our destination was a new pub to us called the Three Moles which
is in Selham and I had arranged for it to open especially for us as it does not open until 4 in the afternoon as a norm. Having rung the pub before
leaving Whiteways at 10.30, the landlord ,Jim, had agreed to put the making of sandwiches on the table and we could help ourselves for £7 for a sandwich and a coffee. So far so good. My mistake was to not recognising the fact that we had several new riders on the run who were not familiar with how it all works, which for some time now it has just been like clockwork. Today the spring broke. I am not going into all that went on but suffice to say it was just as well the John Taylor and Keith Tew ,who ended up each leading a separate group, knew where we were going to end up, and meet up we did at the pub. More or less together all from the same direction ,ish, and about 10 mins apart.  The food was excellent as was mine host and the weather so it all turned out right in the end despite it being FRIDAY THE 13TH.
John Grew



Now a little earlier this year I “organised” a Friday Run around the Hampshire countryside

and on to the Tangmere Museum. Starting from Whiteways with sixteen riders I arrived at Tangmere with just four, the rest having done their own thing. So with a second attempt I proposed a run to Sammy Miller’s Museum but this time I would plan the exercise properly.

First: put a notice the Club noticeboard (usually the best place to keep something secret!) and another notice on the website the purpose being to check if there was enough interest.

Second: confirm the level of interest and proceed by naming a date.

Third: change the date because Club members could be in Jersey.

Fourth: set a new date and expect casualties because of the change.

Fifth: check that the weather is going to be OK.

Sixth: weather forecast is for winds, showers of rain, hail, sleet or snow, so standard Friday Run really. (plague and pestilence would have made it a full set)

The day dawns and the fine fellows pictured below set off for Sammy’s with a range of all British machines which included a 125 Suzuki and an 1100 Harley. At Richards request we trundled along the 27 at fifty mph and after a swift top up with fuel for the 125 we arrived at our destination safely and all together. After any 70 mile ride there are two things a biker needs, one to answer the call of nature and two a healthy bikers breakfast. So two eggs, two sausages, two rashers, beans and mushrooms with two slices of toast (brown bread of course) sufficient strength had been regained to spend some time in the museum.

If I had taken photographs of the interesting machines I would have had several hundred so I restricted myself to just one. For those who recall Glen with his eBay purchase with a small engine fixed to his bike frame I enclose the late 1800s version, there appears to no such thing as original thought.

Thanks to all those who came along and I trust you all got home safely..........what a shame no rain, sleet, hail etc etc etc



Friday run on a Wednesday March 23rd    2016  
Thought i should put a word in for the run this week organised and led by our club stalwart  Hairy Keith, who lives over the the back of beyond.  A sharp start at 10 - 30  was supported by about 12 riders, and the weather was a dry day for a change, he took us through the lanes to Petworth outskirts, where we then meandered through Kirdford etc back towards North Chapel where we went around the back of Petworth Park and over to the river area, crossing back over the Petworth / Midhurst road, here Mike Gant said farewell as he had a prior engagement, on towards Graffam and Cocking, we lost the Harly rider (sorry don't know your name) who was seen  shooting  up Cocking Hill, although discovered later this had been pre arranged ! on along under the downs to Harting, then  left through Buiriton  and under the A3, hear Dave was on corner duty and sped off in front of me on his Triumph, not for long though !! an abrupt stop with a flat back tyre curtailed any more of the run as he was not carrying a spare Tube?? after eventually going through the East and West Meon villages Keith had halted the column, and told him the news, Keith led them via some new and lovely bits of arrive at the pub in Cheriton. I returned th Dave to tell him the correct name of where he had stopped at Oxenbourne. as it was away from the next big signpost, any way he got the recovery sorted and got home ok, i then diverted to Cheriton, found the Pub with lots of Beer, but having to get food was not pleasing!! as the wait was 40 mi-nits for Brian Fowler just to get a sandwich , most settled for a drink and crisps, but being a 
good day no one could have envisaged how many people would turn up, a nice variety of bikes New makes , Old , and  Very old, plus several 
cars  of Classic age , thank you once again Keith for  all your work and time in laying it on 
     Cheers Dick Faggetter

FRIDAY RUN 18/3/2016

Back to Washington for the last Friday run before the Easter break and once again led into the unknown by John G. A swift break before the off when a few hardy souls crossed the road to see the

new range of Triumphs being delivered to the local dealers Destination Triumph. Then we had a pleasant but extremely cold run around East Sussex with decent road thanks to the recent dry weather and even the narrower lanes were remarkably dry. As always I never have any idea where we are going or how we are intending to get there but of course that is half the fun. Our destination on this occasion turned out to be the Laughing Fish at Isfield, a new one for me.

We arrived and were treated the usual spectacle of the two Johns sprinting, well it was as near to a sprint as we were likely to see from two geriatrics, and just to be first in the queue for food. The system rarely works for them as it always depends on what you order as to the timing of when it will appear. The owners of the pub appeared initially to be somewhat overwhelmed by our numbers (fourteen in all) but responded swiftly to our requirements. The usual starburst run home, in my case following the M20/21s of Keith and Mick, as they rode at a steady fifty miles an hour along the A27.

No Friday run next week it will be an Easter egg hunt with the grandchildren for me, I just hope it is a bit warmer.                                                         

by Malcolm Walter


It all seemed such a good idea, the Friday run combined with a visit to the Tangmere Aviation Military Museum, what could possibly be a problem. Well for Alan it was disaster when the oil pump on his military machine failed and he had to return home escorted by Corporal Crawley. A swift machine change and the pair would eventually make their way directly to the museum. The remaining attendees then decided as follows;

Some didn’t want to go to the museum as they had just been or were about to go, these individuals did part of the run and veered off to Boaters at Thorney Island for a breakfast.

Other decided to go direct to the museum so they could spend longer looking around and a splinter group went first to Foundry Motorcycles for a coffee then to the museum.

The remainder went on a run of about forty miles or so and then the museum.

Second man drop off soon fell into disrepute as the parties went their different ways and as I looked in my mirror it was reassuring to see at least a couple of headlights. Nevertheless everyone eventually arrived safely at the planned destination.

A couple of photos;

The first just part of the impressive display of planes outside and the second the Hurricane recovered in Hove.

by Malcolm Walter 

Top Picture By Malcolm Walter

Phtos By John Grew


Well the day dawned with wall to wall sunshine which had to be an open invitation to join the Friday Runners and on this occasion there were fourteen in all, which can’t be bad. As tends to be the case there was a good mix of old and not so old machines ridden by a bunch of old but young at heart individuals.

We are heading north said Tinker and north we went on a different but no less interesting route than usual. A combination of reasonably surfaced roads and wet and muddy lanes was enough to keep all the participants fairly happy and certainly at the p stop there were no complaints. Good to see Bob back with us again, after missing a week or two, on his ‘little’ Honda. Tinker’s machine was sporting a parachute and I didn’t get round to ask if it was to enhance braking or just a sop to waterproofing?

After some very interesting hill climbs we burst into Haselmere and stopped for some lunch. The food wasn’t up to our usual standard and the two nice gentlemen behind the bar were nowhere near as attractive as those behind the bar in the Franklyn Arms. At this point there appeared to be rising paranoia amongst the ranks as snowflakes drifted slowly past the window and the rapid departure method was deployed. Such was the speed that I couldn’t get out before the back marker and Ron had to go back anyway as he had left his glasses behind.

The idea was to use the drop off system on the way back but that quickly failed as those living in the east or west of the county took different routes. Still we didn’t get wet!

By Malcolm Walter




Back by popular demand the Friday Run reports, well one person asked me!

It was a dry, frost free day, a bit on the chilly side but as hardy motorcyclists we could cope and quite the best day for riding for some time. The usual reprobates were in evidence with a sidecarless Keith and scooter mounted Ron, old and new, British and foreign bikes making up a round dozen. For me it was good to start at Whiteways a nice little ride for me, avoiding the trudge over to our other start point at Washington.

It was all looking good until I found out that the proposed route was due to end at Washington so I wouldn’t get away with a short return run. Then Pete, he with the flashing reflective jacket turned up late, and whilst it is always good to see him it did take our numbers up to “thirteen”. Off we went and enjoyed the fairly dry roads and lanes with the only issue being our Norton mounted colleague (sorry I don’t know his name) who had some difficulty engaging first gear. It was all going too well when I slowly lost the clutch action on the A10 until there was no clutch at all.

In spite of trying to adjust the clutch out as far as possible it proved to be a very temporary repair and it was down to being recovered. Now the fun started as it was the first time I had used Carole Nash and moreover I had to make a mobile phone call which is stretching my technical expertise to the very limit. With Pete’s assistance the call was eventually made and the interrogation began, you know the routine, name first name....surname....first line of your code....make of motorcycle.....colour.....registration number....783 BGA....that’s Bravo, Juliet, its 783 BGA not BJA....any modifications....where are you Blacksmiths Arms Aderversanne, just one adult.....any pets or children.

Pete stayed for a while but I encouraged him to go, that might make me feel a little less guilty and anyway pickup was due in nineteen minutes. Off he went and I was duly picked up and recovered to home by a nice guy. The problem was the centre nut on the clutch slowly unscrewing in spite of a locking washer with two tabs, the same issue happened on the way back from Wales last year.

My apologies to my colleagues for disrupting the run and thanks for their help and guidance. My greatest disappointment was not making it to the Franklyn Arms to see the charming lady behind the bar................just in case there are any younger readers charming lady bird.

Malcolm Walter