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Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club

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Multiple problems following the Chairman succumbing to cellulitis and unable to drive or even attend the Show meant we were suddenly without our compliment of five bikes. Bob was taking the shiny A10, Don the Bushman and Richard's Wasp so we needed two more machines. Don was the first to come to the rescue by squeezing Bernard's Tiger Cub in with the Bantams and Dick very kindly lent us his ex Geoff Duke Greeves. A very early start as we were required to set up at Kempton Park at 7.30 and believe it or not even at that time there was a substantial queue of punters champing at the bit to get at the jumble.

As is often the case the Bantams provided the talking points and although we can hardly be described as an off road Club once agin we played our part in keeping the Club name in enthusiast's minds. Richard took advantage of a request to fire up his machine, the first road going Bantam to be started on rollers? and Bob, playing with his new phone managed to forward  a picture of his bike,  Dave looking frozen to the core and Trevor finding it all very amusing. Thanks to Keith M for his picture of the Bantam on the rollers, to Bob for the sweets, crisps and biscuits, to Trevor for the mince pies and to anyone who came to see us.