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Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club

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NEC 2019

NEC 2018

The decision made last year not to attend this event, as it provided little in return for the modest costs the Club spent, was reversed as the costs in 2018 were born entirely by those who attended. It was decided that the event was always a social success and if any impact at all was made on the Club profile that was an additional benefit.

            British as far as the eye can see                                                                        and some originality here for sure.

                                                         The "stars" of the Show ?  Certainly always the favourites of the punters.

NEC 2017

 Give a dog a BOWN

 The lean green machine

 No block Bushman

 A picy of a picy being taken

 Not so many bike about this year

 Three block trials bike

 Bit bike with little Pete behind