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Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club

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                                                                                         WHO ARE THEY                                                                                                        PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT THESE PHOTOGRAPHS AND SEE IF YOU RECOGNISE CURRENT MEMBERS.

ANY IDEAS WHO THIS IS ( clue ) T- - - - R                                      


OK the blonde guy on the left ( Below ) and the camera shy owner of the 1961 Triumph are great mates and are usually not too far from the bar on Mondays. Any ideas?

By the way the Triumph owner hasn't got the bike or the girlfriend now.

  Now you should get this one, the nose hasn't changed!!

One Bantam and one Tandon but do you
know either of the riders?

   Bet you don't get this one!!

  Clearly a Boy Scout this individual is well prepared with additional oil and petrol on board for the route on the handlebars. 1965 is thought to be the year and the motorcycle is a Matchless G9.

Who is the restorer here??
Super cool or what?

This lady has turned a few heads in her time and now you have to turn yours.

  A study in concentration, another member with a fine head of hair........but who?

  Now we have quite a few Tiger 90s in the club but who is this individual? It is a 1962 Triumph Tiger 90 with the photo taken in 1969.


Aboard this Honda CB200, used for everyday transport to beat the London traffic, this hairy hulk and his youngest offspring
were snapped in 1974.