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Shoreham air Show 2015

Plenty of shine on this highly polished little beuty

Another tasty Triumph


Proper Triumph

Our photo shy member turned around for this shot

SBMOC members have just arrived for the day.

One from the green party, he stayed awake for a bit this time


Praying for an easy start or just reading the instructions

A good display from those who dropped in from above

Richards nice Ariel with history and for sale notice, what will he get next ? ? ?


Sun, shadows, blue skies, what a good start to the day,

A bit of competition for Keith’s combo


The very sad moment when a plane failed to pull out of a loop and crashed. Shoreham air show made the news today, not for the brilliant weather but for the sad loss of life when a plane crashed on or very near to the A27 killing seven and possibly the pilot.


Do we have an out takes page or a hall of shame, will leave it up to u if u put this on our web site, as u can c the show was very tiring, in fact there was competition for the sleeping contest from another member This is Hard work BUT Somebody has to do

Nice Norton

A photo shy club member who rides side saddle aboard a very BSA

2014 Shoreham Air Show  

Miss Norton made a welcome appearance

Bad enough kick starting a bike.

You can drive this all terrain vehicle on a full motorcycle licence.


A Fair selection of members and bikes turned up for the first day of the Shoreham air show . Good to see Clive back on his feet


Clive's van got a helping hand when starting leaning towards the land of the rising sun.

I wonder if the bike is an gas safe registered .

Graham eyeing up the competition.


This nice little BSA drew a fair few " I had one of those " comments.

A few extras dropped in.

Clive's much admired Triumph.

A possible members bike, when he saves up enough to pay George.

A Triumph in the fore ground and another in the back

A big PUSSY owner put in a lot of work today.

These things aid cooling and make cutting bacon very

Two No'3's, one 17, two garlic breads and a pepsi diet of course.

A better shot of our canopy equipped friends.

155mph, That's nothing , my mate changed into fourth at 156mph, not many straight face's when we heard that one.

These Six picture's have been sent in by PETER BAKER.
A sharp eye for a good picture. 
Thank you Peter

P51D Mustang asleep 

Eating chips requires a fair bit of serious concentration.

A salute to a fellow club member.

Clive had a chat about the virtues of having an open mind regarding having non British bikes on our stand.

Changeable conditions didn't put a stop to the display.

He keeps ferrets

It was an air show as well.

Another club for any old bike built before Twenty to eight.


This is sally the mustang or is it Mustang Sally.


A spit with a pillion seat.

An endless list of celebrities paid a visit to the club stand, here we have one of the Laurel and Hardy team.

Please, Please, Please, Pretty Please start and I will be a good boy.

One of our new member's seemed to have an enjoyable day.

Times are hard and membership fees so high that some members have to resort to begging, He made £5-11 before being moved on.

Another Triumph

There,s a small, medium, and large and then it's 3X

Looks good in the sun

Cafe racer with period extras, the coffee cup oil catcher and burger box, lunch protector freshly installed.

The second day at Shoreham, more sun shine, less bike's, more people interested in our bike's, a better position on the field and no wind up's what so ever.

The instantly recognisable silhouettes are whats it all about.


 Hipano Buchon