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Sussex British Motorcycle Owners Club

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Once again the MOD land at Hungry Hill reverberated to the sound of some two hundred plus four stroke pre '65 trials machines both solo and sidecar. Entries were up this year and although the weather was bitterly cold many riders felt it unnecessary to wear cloves and some had sleeves rolled up!  We had five observers this year and the Club  running the event were pleased for that fact and I can assure you that standing out from 9.00am until 4.00pm is no mean feat especially as there is need not just to mark the riders efforts but also to prevent spectators wandering across the section at the most inopportune moments.

A few photos follow courtesy of John Grew.

Lets try it with three wheels it looks OK.                            You can even take the good wife, just get her a matching helmet                     Maybe its not quite that easy after all!                                                                                                      

You can these climbs leisurely.................................................or at speed if you must..........................................................and even do it on a flat twin Douglas!
Hi you! Your supposed to go up the hill.                                 I keep telling him why he's cold but will he listen!.                Why have I got a hat on? It's the other end thats freezing.


Fears that this longstanding event might be cancelled proved to be unfounded as Club Officials from the organising Club made successful representations to the MOD and permission was granted for the next five years. Having observed, with others, for several years I was looking forward to this year's event which didn't disappoint , the weather was fine, the entry large and varied and a nicer friendlier  bunch of officials, riders and spectators you couldn't find.  Just a few pictures to give you a flavour of the day.


For several years I have observed with others at the annual Talmag Trial and this year I was intending to go along but not to observe. That plan didn’t work out due to John suffering from the dreaded bug and Mike hurling himself out of a loft and breaking both his back and shoulder, a painful exercise. He is recovering well I hasten to say and so back to observing once again, although it is always a rewarding practice. It is quite pleasant walking around the paddock before the event gets underway to look at the range of immaculate machines that have clearly been prepared with time and effort, and will now be ‘thrown at the undergrowth’.

As you might expect the machines included in the 200 strong entry were many models of AJS, Triumph, Royal Enfield, BSA, Norton, Matchless, and Sammy Miller inspired Ariels but would you have expected to see, M.V.Augusta, Ducati, Douglas, Vincent, Velocette, Panther, Levis, Indian and a very tidy Terrot. Unfortunately this event too is under threat with land fees more than doubling and EU insurance legislation proposing third party risks cover for those competing. Oh dear! The price of progress?


A really tidy Beezer                                                                                                                     and an equally tidy Terrot.